High-Stakes Presentations...And How To Win Them

Course by: Terry Ward
When the stakes are high, so is the pressure to perform. But according to Terry Ward, all communication must be designed to meet the needs of the listener, and that means taking the focus away from you. In this exclusive high stakes presentations course, Terry will show you why highly influential messages are the most important tool of communication, and how to deliver them in a way that changes attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.
Know Your Objective2m 25s
There’s a difference between preparing and pretending. In a high stakes situation, a “make it or break it” moment, that difference comes down to failing or succeeding. Don’t focus on how this opportunity will change your life: it’s about how it will change theirs.
What Are High Stakes Situations?1m 26s
High stakes means great rewards, but not for the reasons you think. It’s not just enough to have great ideas… you need to deliver them in a way that produces powerful outcomes.
It’s Not About You1m 38s
I’ll be honest. No one actually cares about you. But they do care about what you have to say, and how it can benefit them.
Are You Listening?2m 54s
It’s called DNA. No, not that DNA. In this segment I explain how to determine what your audience wants and needs, and why a little bit of homework can change everything.
Welcome to the Control Room1m 16s
If you’re not in control, who is? Powerful messages need a powerful delivery.
Expect To Set Expectations2m 36s
No one likes to be disappointed. So minimize the opportunity for false hopes. In this case, less is more.
Change Gears, Change Course1m 29s
You don’t need to be a yogi guru, but you do need to be flexible. Learning how to adapt (the right way) keeps the focus on your listener and makes your presentation more dynamic.
Eyes Really Are Windows To The Soul2m 28s
The single most effective way to build trust is also somehow the hardest for many people in public speaking scenarios: make eye contact.
Once Upon A Time...1m 11s
Telling a story gives your listener a personal touch to connect with and remember. However, not just any story will do.
Q&A3m 19s
No matter how much you prepare, you’re going to get a question you didn’t think about. Don’t panic, don’t panic--I have a few tips for thinking on your feet.
A Call To Action3m 22s
The end of your presentation is your moment to shine, so why would you close things with a summary of what everyone’s already heard? Always be sharing and inspiring something new.

Terry Ward

These days Terry Ward is synonymous with a knockout presentation. Terry is the founder and president of CommSkills Group, a national communication and training agency that identifies your strong suits and grows them into lifelong presentation skills. He’s built his career on the power of the spoken word, and with hundreds of glowing testimonials to his pedagogy to date he might just know a secret or two.