The Ultimate Video Presentation Guide

Course by: Karin Reed
Even the most confident in-person speakers have been known to freeze when they record themselves on video. You know what we’re talking about: anxiously reading straight from a slide, awkward camera angles, speaking in the dreaded monotone. From big budget studios to her laptop webcam, Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist Karin Reed knows how awkward it can feel to record yourself. But Camera Shyness is curable. In this tailored course, Karin will show you how to deliver presentations with impact (even when you can’t see your audience), enable you to overcome your inner critic, and communicate your authentic self through any kind of lens.
Introduction0m 50s
Why Video Changes Everything2m 45s
It’s no secret video grabs your audience’s attention and moves them to take action better than another slideshow. But in order for your presentation to really stand out, you need to pack a punch. It’s time to put on the boxing gloves.
Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy2m 07s
You’ve heard this before: your harshest critic is YOU. It’s time to silence that inner voice saying “you can’t” and start making videos that show you can.
Introducing the MVPs of Video Success0m 39s
And the MVP of Video goes to…the mental, the vocal, and the physical.
Getting the Right Frame–of Mind3m 44s
Recording yourself with a webcam is all about visualisation. After all, seeing is believing.
You’ve Got Range, So Show It Off3m 58s
You don’t have to be Aretha Franklin to impress your audience–a little vocal inflection, pitch variety, and passion for what you’re presenting goes a long way.
We’re Talking Body Language3m 22s
We promise the lens isn’t holding you hostage. Nailing natural gestures and mindful movement when you’re recording yourself isn’t as hard as you think (hint: your frame plays a major role in this).
Write The Way You Speak4m 45s
When the pen hits the paper it’s all too easy to start writing long flowing lines with extra commas and a loquacious vocabulary. And that doesn’t translate well when you need to say those words to your webcam.
That Teleprompter Talent2m 39s
Reading from a teleprompter is easy. Reading from a teleprompter well? Not so much.
High Production (No Matter Your Budget)3m 21s
When you’re recording your own presentation, you’re the writer, the director, the talent (and also the lighting technician, the prop master, stylist…). Here are some tips and tricks to take your video to the next level without breaking the bank.
Shooting Smart on Your Smartphone2m 59s
Using a smartphone can be a quick and efficient way to record your presentation. But there are a few things you should know before shooting.
Practice Makes Perfect1m 07s
Now that you’ve built up your on-camera strength, here’s how to keep your newfound muscles in shape.

Karin Reed

Karin Reed knows how to be authentic. As an Emmy-award winning broadcast journalist and executive communications specialist, Karin has been helping her clients communicate on any platform, to any audience. Her book, On-Camera Coach: Tools and Techniques for Business Professionals in a Video-Driven World, distills the knowledge she’s shared with Fortune 500 companies, startups, and students at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. With Karin’s MVPs of Performance Success, you too can easily deliver a stunning presentation every time.